Want to end up in the best gay bars and dance clubs when you visit Torremolinos. Follow my top 5 bars and clubs in the La Nogalera area.

La Nogalera is where you’ll find all the action in the evening regarding the gay bars and clubs in gay Torremolinos. Below are a few of my personal favourites, in terms of value, atmosphere, cliental and enjoyment factor. The area by day looks like an abandoned shopping centre with one or two shops open, but come late evening the area comes alive with locals and tourists ready to have a good time. Most bars don’t open till 10pm but a small few open from 8pm, however they wont be busy until at least midnight. Weekends are of course much busier than the weekdays with the clubs staying open up to 8am. Weekdays can still be fun of course with the bars open still till around 2am.


Ritual Copas

One of the newest and a nice new modern looking gay bar/club in the centre of the complex with a seating area outside and drinks service hatch. The mainly Spanish staff are friendly and service is either from the hatch outside or main bar inside. Service could be improved if table service was offered. Every time I went it was busy, this could have been because if staying at their hotel The Ritual, guests got a free drink every night. This I most defiantly made the most of!

A spirit and mixer cost €5, with a bottle of beer being €3. The inside area normally gets busy at around 1am at weekends and they have a DJ inside playing loud modern English chart/dance and Spanish music with a small dance floor and stage at the front. The other people visiting were a mixture of younger and older customers and guests staying at the Ritual hotel.

Cleanliness 10/10
Service 7/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Drinks Price 8/10
Overall Rating 8/10

Chessa Bar

From above being one of the newest to Chessa Bar being one of the oldest in the complex. Chessa Bar is a very small bar with a few tables inside and 4 tables outside. A relaxed little bar and always a pleasure to visit as the owner Peter who serves all night is a very friendly Dutch guy. Although it’s a small venue it’s a fantastic bar in the centre to start off at. Then take in the area and semi plan what and where you want your night to go.

A spirit and mixer was €5 and a pint of beer €2.50, table service was given and regular visitors got a free shot. Shots included either caramel vodka, lemon cello or a tequila. The type of people visiting the bar were an older crowd but still a pleasant bar to start your night in for all ages.

Cleanliness 7/10
Service 9/10
Atmosphere 6/10
Drink Prices 9/10
Overall Rating 7/10


I didn’t get to visit this bar till near the end of our visit, which was a shame as the table staff and the owner where really friendly. After talking to the owner for a while he would come over with free shots, and give information on where to go for the evening. The bar is expanding as the owner has just brought the bar next door. Soon it will be extended. The bar had a large outdoor terrace area and table service given by the friendly staff.

Again drinks are €5 for spirit and mixers and €3 for bottled beer. This bar does get quite busy from around 11pm and is open from 7pm. It generates an older crowd and it’s a great place to go before hitting any of the club/bars and also meet other people for a drink in the terrace area. Music is playing inside the bar, but the bar area is too small to really dance in.

Cleanliness 7/10
Service 9/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Drink Prices 8/10
Overall Rating 8/10


A nightclub with free entry and open 6 days a week. It’s quieter on weekdays with it not getting busy until about 2am. The Spanish do love to party later than most. The main perk to this club is its free entry. Prices are a little higher than the other bars around but not by much. For example a spirit and a mixer was between €6-7 and a bottled beer €3. Mixture of music played from English to Spanish. There seemed to be more Spanish people in the club later on in the night and the music went more Spanish with the odd English song chucked in. Requests taken at the bar/DJ area and projector screen projecting the music video to the back of the club.

Opens at 11pm but I would not bother going there till at least 1am, unless you like an empty room to dance in with just your friends. However come the weekend it’s rammed and very popular. They have a very friendly bar staff team and the venue is nicely air-conditioned. This club is a close favourite of mine along side Aqua Club.

Cleanliness 6/10
Service 8/10
Atmosphere 9/10
Drink Prices 6/10
Overall Rating 7/10

Aqua club

Bigger nightclub, but does not get busy till much later on and only open on the weekend and on special event nights. Although I had an amazing time in here and partied till 7am, it’s a little confusing on the deals and getting access to both their venues. First off the man on the door taking your money does not speak much English. Due to the language barrier unless you speak Spanish its hard to ask questions, so let me explain it for you.

When we went on a Saturday it was €10 entry and that included either one long drink (spirit and mixer) or two beers, or €15 entry for two long drinks or 4 beers. Before you even get to the pay counter you have to hunt a promo worker outside to get a wristband, ours was pink. Once paid they would stamp on the join of the wrist band with a ridiculously small stamp. There is a reason I mention this for later!

Aqua Club cont..

After paying and getting the drink voucher it was time to enter downstairs. It was busy and this was about 2am, the bar is at the far end of the entrance. Now if you need the toilet, well you’re going to have to try finding it through the very smoky and dark, dark room! Hands will be coming at you in all directions so be warned. The darkroom area and toilet area is disgusting, god knows what’s on the floor and the walls! So how did this make my top 5 then? Well it’s a good club with decent music and €10 for two beers and entry for a club isn’t bad and it is the busiest and probably best club in the complex.

Remember I mentioned about the ridiculously small stamp put on the join of the wrist band well this is for leaving and coming back and also to let you into the other club across the complex. However it’s so small the door staff struggle seeing it and don’t believe you have one or have paid till you make them really look. Why they cant just stamp your hand like most clubs I have no idea!

Cleanliness 2/10
Service 6/10
Atmosphere 10/10
Drinks Price 7/10
Overall Rating 6/10

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