Back in March whilst travelling through Malaysia, it was time to visit its capital city Kuala Lumpur, for a 5-night stay. As I always do with my hotel search I use 99% of the time it’s the cheapest and they have a price match guarantee.

Online the Hotel MOV looked to be a fun, modern hotel and is in a central location, in fact, it was right by all the bars and nightlife and walking distance to the main attractions. You could see the Petronas Twin Towers from the hotel roof.

Hotel MOV

On their website the hotel claims that it’s “a sexy and fun lifestyle hotel in central Kuala Lumpur” and I would have to agree. From the moment you check in this hotel is quirky but in all the good ways. With a fast and easy check-in process and friendly front of house staff. From the moment you walk in you feel more than welcome.

Hotel MOV does not want to be like other hotels, you can see that from the start. It has an adult slide from reception to the dining room for starters, just because they can, it adds an element of fun to your stay. Of course, you could take the lift or stairs but why be boring!

The reception area and lobby were extremely tidy, with professional security opening the doors and greeting you on every arrival. In fact, the lobby was so clean and tidy the outside front patio area was even getting a vacuum!

The Rooms

A key card lift for added security so only people on your floor can access it, took me to my floor on level 6. I stayed in a Standard Urban 1 room. On entering the room it was very clean and tidy, nice and cool from the 34c Malaysian heat. The bed was very comfortable and the size of the room was plenty for two people. The only thing that was lacking in the room for me was space to hang/ store the clothes from my backpack, (travelling around and staying at the hotel for 5 nights, it would have been nice to store my clothing). You did get a small rail on the wall, but more hanging space and storage space was definitely needed.

Now the bathroom!! OMG, the shower has what they call a rainbow light, I am calling it my rainbow unicorn light! This light which can be switched on or off separately, (why you would ever turn it off is beyond me) it is in the walk-in shower and as you would expect of a ‘rainbow light’ changes colour every few seconds. This definitely made showering and getting ready to explore Kuala Lumpur in the evening a lot more fun. I just added some of my own music and showering (with a small vodka and coke) lasted a bit longer than normal!

The rest of the bathroom was clean and tidy, we had a safe in the bathroom too, under the sink as there was no space in the main bedroom area. The room included 4 bottles of drinking water, soap, shower gel and toothbrushes.

The Facilities

The rooftop pool was a nice touch and after walking around in the heat, a dip in the pool was well needed. The pool wasn’t cold but only heated by the sunlight. The roof gives stunning views from the city and you can even catch the top of The Petronas Towers. The seating around the pool offers an open-topped area and a shaded area with seat swings, bean bags and sun loungers. The pool area is open 7 am till 9 pm.

A gym, which I didn’t personally use. Why would I! I struggle going to one at home! However, it’s a nice option to have for people who enjoy a workout and unlike me like to keep fit and in shape. The gym is air-conditioned and has a range of cardio and weight equipment for use by hotel guests only.

In the basement, the hotel has a restaurant area and many ways to access this restaurant, including traditional ways like the stairs or the lift, or more fun ways like the slide from the reception area! We didn’t eat at the hotel but did pop down to have a look. Again it was clean, tidy and had a good feeling about it.


I really enjoyed my stay at Hotel MOV, it’s nice for a city hotel to have a swimming pool. I would have thought the roof area would have been busier with the hotel having 147 rooms, but it was fairly quiet and peaceful. We had a few minor issues with a blocked shower but we informed reception and it was quickly looked at and sorted.

The best thing about this hotel for me is it was a steal of a price at £27.80 per night and gives you that little bit of luxury but on a budget price. The rainbow shower is amazing and I’m now thinking about how I can make my shower at home work with a rainbow light!

The hotel as it mentions on its website is close to lots of shopping, a very busy nightlife, (it’s around the corner, I mean turn left you’re there) and close to all the attractions like the Petronas Towers (a 20-minute walk).


Whilst like the rest of Malaysia homosexuality or gender expression is illegal in Kuala Lumpur, and the official law states up to 20 years in prison, whippings or fines. However, at the Hotel MOV, we felt very safe! The hotel was secure by security and friendly staff. The area by the hotel was always busy and full of tourists from around the world, so it felt less like Malaysia and more tolerable to people across the spectrum. Unlike other places I visited in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur made me feel safe.

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I have no connection to the Hotel MOV. During my stay I was a full paying guest at the hotel, with no incentive or reward given before, during or after my visit. This is an honest review based on my visit and my opinions of products and service.

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  1. Party in the shower!!!! LOL… Sounds like a great shower. I want a vid of that shower… I really enjoyed this article. I could see every detail. It sounds like a great, inexpensive but unique hotel. I love it.

    • I will hunt out a video, I did film the lights in action. Don’t worry I was fully dressed at this time! HA!

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