They say a picture paints a thousand words or so they say and what a picture some of us looked, all dressed up in different party themed costumes on board ‘The Cruise’ by LA Demence. Some looked amazing, some of us including a few of mine didn’t leave much to the imagination! Parties and dressing up at the themed events were enjoyed by 90% of people who put some kind of effort in. It’s fun and gives us gays the chance to use that creative side we all fabulously have. Even if its only one small item to do with that theme, it was nice to see so many people getting involved.

How much effort, I guess depends on how much time, energy and sometimes the money you have to either buy or to make your themed outfits. I am very lucky to have two American friends who love to get creative, can both use a sewing machine and should probably get shares in Amazon as they spend way to much money from their online store. Sometimes when making the outfits for the themes you have to literally think outside the box. Below are all the parties for the 2019 cruise, detailing what my friends and I dressed up as and a little bit about each party.

Finding Out The Themes

I have been on other gay cruises with other companies, but LA Demence is fantastic about giving you enough notice to get your act together for the party themes. I got the email detailing all the themes about 5 months before the start of the cruise. Giving my friends and me plenty of time to get creative with ideas and order stuff from the internet.

Sail-away Party

Not an official party with a theme, lots of people dressed in their best speedos, harnesses and a few in their finest size 11 high heels. For my friends and me, it was a chance to get on our speedos and a homemade white harness with a rainbow stripe on the back and a ‘kiss lips’ on the front.

Leaving Venice, everyone was in high spirits, we passed a ‘regular’ cruise as we left port, with everyone on our ship waving their rainbow flags, the ‘regular’ cruise ship passengers loved it, watching up to 2000 gay men sailing out of a very hot and sunny Venice. One ship we passed even had two crew members waving a rainbow flag at us, which I thought was an amazing sight! The buzz you got at the sail-away party was immense, seeing old friends and the hype for what the next 7 days may hold. The music was chilled and upbeat, the cruise had officially begun!!

Venetian Carnival

Martin: – Cheshire Cat
Jason: – White Rabbit
Kyle: – Queen of Hearts

The first evenings party, the Venetian Carnival. On deck 9, the pool deck with lots of people joined in with a range of different masks. For this party, we decided to take a twist on Venetian Carnival and mix it in with Alice in Wonderland. These outfits worked really well and as long as we all stayed together people worked out we had done a twist on Alice in Wonderland. The downside when we got separated I just looked like a pink and purple cat with a mask!

Angels & Demons

Martin: – White Demon
Jason: – Red Demon
Kyle: – Black Demon

I really loved this party, it had a naughty but nice twist to it. It took us just over an hour to get our costumes ready for this one, but it was totally worth it. This was my favourite party of the cruise, everyone looked amazing. The decorations on the pool deck and the dark lighting. It was kind of hard to bump into people you know because everyone looked the same, well close, either a devil or angle. We used 3 bags of glitter during our preparation in getting ready, it’s the poor stateroom attendant I felt sorry for, having to clear that glitter up the next day.

Where Are You From?

Martin: – UK Union Jack
Jason: – USA Mr America
Kyle: – USA Statue of Liberty

Another really fun party, this time it was the first T-Dance and first day time party starting at 5 pm. The sun was beaning down, most of the people wearing next to nothing, what more could you ask for right? For Kyles outfit, we painted him as the Statue of Liberty colours (greenish colour). This took over an hour to get on, and every part of him was painted, I mean EVERY part! The bathroom in our suite also took a lot of the paint! Whoops! Jason was quite lucky with his costume, it had just been the 4th of July in America so they had loads of ‘American Themed stuff. Really chilled day time chart songs, remixed in by the DJs on deck 9 by the pool.
After the party, it was time to wash the paint off Kyle, however, the paint had dried too well and it took another hour and a half and lots of scrubbing to get the paint off! Again I used way too much glitter and the suite was covered!

Fetish Party

Martin Cruella De Vil
Jason:- Pup Dalmatian 1
Kyle: – Pup Dalmatian 2

So I went a little different with my fetish. I went as Cruella De Vil and went in tacky drag. I looked horrendous. HA. But Jason and Kyle looked cute as my pup Dalmatians. Most people went in jocks and harness, so why not be different and go as a Disney villain. The costume was a good idea and got a few laughs, but when everyone else is in fetish gear and I’m looking like a tacky drag queen who has been dragged through a hedge in high heels I did get a bit bored of it and changed halfway through the party. I looked tragic, look at the photos!! As for the theme, the number of blow-up dolls on the deck also made for good decoration, one might have made it back to our suite as a mascot for the remainder of the week.

Neon Party

Martin:- Neon Butterfly
Jason: – Neon Butterfly
Kyle: – Neon Flower

I really loved this costume and the theme, it looked so good under all the UV nights. We used EL wire for the flashing lights, glow sticks and had UV paint painted all over our bodies by using shaped stamps. The costumes looked amazing. The only problem was when you got a photo, they didn’t look so amazing as the lights didn’t really come out, which was a shame. I may have also hit a few people with my butterfly wings whilst dancing. Whoops! Yes, I probably was that annoying lad getting in everyone’s way on the dancefloor.


Martin:- 70’s Disco
Jason: – 70’s Disco
Kyle: – 70’s Disco

You can’t really go wrong with Disco, whether it is an afro wig, bright colours or a member from your favourite disco-era band. Another day time T-dance starting at 5 pm. Part of my costume was a very over the top, large pink wig, I mean it was 4 times taller than my face. This worked really well and my friends would defiantly not lose me on the dance floor, however, when the wind got up a little the wig would go flying, and it was so hot under the wig. Who does not love the music of the 80s, I loved it!



Martin: – Boy Scout
Jason: – Boy Scout
Kyle: – Boy Scout

We had recruited two more people to join us as boy scouts. American boy scouts to be precise. We had boy scout badges, but not like the normal ones you would see on a regular boy scout. These were a bit naughty and told people more of what we were into and looking for. This was an evening party, which was a shame as I feel it would have worked better as a day party.

Ladies T-Dance

Martin: – Dame
Jason: – Nurse
Kyle:- Nurse

The funniest party of the week and I was impressed by how many people joined in and dressed up. The number of ‘ladies’ I saw with beards and very hairy legs was funny!! The group photo before we went out on the dance floor still makes me laugh.

White Party

Martin: – A White twist on Birdbox
Jason: – A White twist on Birdbox
Kyle: – A White twist on Birdbox

Anyone who has seen the Netflix film, bird box will understand that they could not open their eyes and had to wear a blindfold, they also carried a ‘bird box’ around to warn them of the dangers of this thing that kills them. Well we did a very daring outfit, we had a white blindfold, with brasses (suspenders) on to a box on our waste. On our chest it said ‘dare you look’ people could choose to look in the box and see what there was. We called it our ‘cock-in-a-box.’ Was it a real cock? Only the people that dared to look inside will ever know!

This party was meant to be on deck 9 outside but due to the weather getting worse it was moved inside an hour into the party to deck 11. Deck 11 was way too small, it was hot, cramped and unpleasant. A bigger space was most defiantly needed. The white party is the big party of the whole cruise and as it’s a sea day the next day the party continued way passed midday!!! The box didn’t make it past 3 am and I had to get changed! HA!

Goodbye T-Dance

Martin: – Super Mario (Toad)
Jason: – Super Mario (Mario)
Kyle: – Super Mario (Luigi)

Always a sad one on whatever cruise you’re on. I loved the way that ‘The Cruise’ staff come out with a flag from every nation onboard and a big message thanking us. Always emotional, it’s been 7 days with very little sleep, making lots of new friends and lots of partying. The theme for this one was to wear one of your favourite costumes, we wanted a whole new one for the last day and last party. The mushroom hat I was wearing was anything but sexy!

Taking Photos

We tried so hard to take as many photos as possible but sometimes it was just impossible, our tiny little outfits and costumes didnt have pockets 90% of the time. Some of the photos we did manage to take well lets just say I could not publish them on the ‘world wide web’. HA! An amazing guy who was on the cruise was a passenger called ‘bellybutton Martin’ click him name to go to his Facebook page, all his photos are public so you can see the hundreds he took every night. Credit where credit is due, he done an amazing job at capturing everyone all week.


I have no connection to LA Demence. During my cruise, I was a full paying customer on the cruise, with no incentive or reward given before, during or after the cruise. This post is based on my own honest experience that I experienced whilst on ‘The Cruise’ by LA Demence.

Disclosure: This site contains a few affiliate links and by clicking on any of the links and making a purchase, it will be at no extra cost to you. I only use links that I have used and that I highly recommend. The affiliated links help keep my website running.

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