Pride events across the world are facing being cancelled or delayed due to a pandemic spreading quickly around the world. CORONAVIRUS! Pride UK events could be forced to cancel if the virus continues to spread and get worse.  Pride season has already had at the time of writing the first 3 Pride events of the season cancelled.

What’s Been Cancelled So Far?

Trans Pride Scotland, which was meant to be taking place on 28th March 2020 was the first event in the calendar that had to cancel. In a post on their Facebook page, Trans Pride Scotland said “Trans Pride Scotland is committed to ensuring our events are a safe space for all attendees. As part of this commitment, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event due to be held on 28/03/2020; due to our rising concerns about Coronavirus.” It goes on to say that they are “deeply disappointed and sorry for any inconvenience” and that “we will have more updates in the future for any plans we have moving forward”.

Trans Pride Leeds, due to take place on the 3rd – 5th of April 2020 has also announced on their Facebook page that “We’re sad to have to announce that Trans Pride Leeds will not be going ahead as planned over the first weekend in April, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst there is not yet official advice to cancel mass gatherings, it seems likely that this will happen before the events were due to take place, and regardless of this we feel we have a responsibility to keep our community safe. We have therefore taken the decision to postpone”.

LGBTQ+ Muslim Pride London, after tweeting on the 13th of March saying “after meeting with NHS England and PHE UK we have no plans on cancelling the festival”. However, on the 16th of March, a pinned tweet announces that the event scheduled for 11th April 2020 has now been postponed till the 12th of December 2020 due to COVID-19.

There Could Be More Cancelled Pride Events

Advice is always changing and the organisers of these Pride events are in constant contact with Public Health England (PHE) and getting information from the government and The World Health Organisation (WHO). Organisers that have worked so hard to put on Pride events, don’t want to cancel Pride events but must safeguard the LGBT+ community and the general public.

The BBC reports in one of its articles that Nicola Sturgeon, Scotlands First Minister said that mass gatherings and events of over 500 people are now banned which has now come into force across the country could continue till summer. Meaning Pride Events like Edinburgh Pride might have to be cancelled.

As of today (17th March 2020) the UK government and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson are advising that everyone should avoid “non-essential travel” and “contact with others” he went on to say “people should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres where possible”.

Unfortunately, we are sure more Pride events will be cancelled and some at short notice as it is a fast-paced and ever-changing situation.  Keep checking our Pride Events Page for events that have been cancelled or postponed. 

Can We Be Angry?

NO… Not Really. We can be disappointed but we have to look at the bigger picture. The Prime Minister is calling this the biggest health crisis for a generation which is affecting most corners of the world. Disruption not only to having to cancel Pride events but all other festivals and sporting events to get this virus under control. It’s not just peoples health, the economy will also need time to recover. Whilst it would be good for as many of these Pride events to take place, missing out on 2020 is no one’s fault.

If you do manage to go to a Pride event this year that does not get cancelled, make the most of it. Enjoy yourself and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that more go-ahead than get cancelled this year. REMEMBER it’s an ever-changing situation with new advice coming all the time, so keep updated on all the pride pages here. 

Europe And The Rest Of The World

It is not just the UK that might cancel Pride Events. ‘Website GCN’ posts that Steve Taylor from The European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA) had expected up to 1,000 pride events to happen in 2020, though this is now unlikely to be the case. All around the world LGBT+ events have been cancelled or postponed. LA Pride announced that plans for their 50th-anniversary event had been postponed with many more in The Americas, Europe, Asia and all around the globe. Even if the events are not cancelled, take note of your own countries government’s travel advice, in particular, follow advice where it mentions “against all but essential travel” in these cases the majority of travel insurance policies will not cover you for anything and you could get stuck out there and not be covered. Always get insurance!

Rainbow World LGBT+

Travel Advice From Governments

The UK & U.S

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

U.S Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs 

European Union

Czech Republic

Keep up to date with all the Pride Events around the UK for 2020. Including cancellations and postponements

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