Over the last 12 months, I have saved over £1,500 on eating out and I have done this by investing £35 for a membership card called tastecard. My saving is based on me eating out once a week and having 3 courses. A starter, a main and a desert. A tastecard is a fantastic way to eat out for less and if you live in the UK I would highly recommend you get one! You only have to eat out once or twice a year and the card has already paid for its self. 

But what about if your only visiting the UK? Well, tastecard has a new introductory offer, for £1 YES £1 you can get a tastecard for 60 days. That under 2p a day! For this, you get a digital membership card, on your smartphone to show the restaurant, instant access with the free tastecard app, high-quality membership guide with access to over 6000+ restaurants. You also get up to 40% off cinemas 7 days a week and 55% off days out. Remember all that for £1 for 60 days. Just remember to cancel before your 60 days runs out otherwise your membership will auto renew costing you £39.99 for the year.

First off I dont work for tastecard and I currently have no affiliated links with tastecard, so the information I’m providing is just to help you save when dining out, with no reward to me!

How does it work

Search the tastecard app either by restaurant name or your location and a list of restaurants will come up with their distance away from your current location. Find a restaurant that you like the sound of and then read the conditions. Some restaurant will give you 50% off the total bill and some offer 2 for 1 on meals. It also tells you about any conditions that you must meet. Be aware some restaurants won’t let you use it on Fridays or Saturdays and some won’t let you use it in December. This is due to it being the restaurants busier times Also bear in mind some restaurants you will have to call and book ahead, again the app will tell you this when your searching.

Once you have decided where to eat, head on over and tell your waiter or waitress that you would like to use your tastecard. Different restaurants have different rules but most allow you to have a discount on the starters, mains and desserts. Not including any sides or drinks.

When you ask for the bill, show your waiter or waitress your tastecard and they will bring your bill over with the discount applied. EASY! 

How many tastecard’s do I have to buy?

The good thing is you only need one tastecard if travelling with someone else as the other person will be your free meal. You can use multiple tastecards at most restaurants that offer 2 for 1 dining. Again check the conditions on the app as some cards can be used for groups of up to 8 people on one tastecard.

The downside

Very few really. The only downside to the card is if you’re a single traveller, you can’t really have 2 for 1 alone unless your really hungry and want two meals. However you could still get the 50% if the restaurant you are visiting offers 50% off and not 2 for 1. A popular option would be to meet other travellers and then you can still split the bill with the discount. 

Also always check the terms on the app before you arrive, it tells you what meals are excluded and what is and isn’t included. Would not be a very good money saving tip if you order the lobster but find that’s not on the 2 for 1 dining option! 

To sum it up

This card can be used all over the UK for your dining needs and discount on the cinema and days out. For only a £1 introductory offer for 60 days, you would be mad not to take advantage of it. Just remember the following points.

  • Cancel before your 60days trial run out to avoid being ‘auto renewed’. Unless you are living in the UK or here longer and want a monthly card for only for £4.99 a month or £39.00 a year.
  • Read the terms and conditions.
  • You only need one taste card per two people on 2 for 1, not one each.
  • Mention tastecard when you arrive at the restaurant.
  • Sides and drinks not normally included.
  • Enjoy the food and take advantage of the saving you make.

Comment below to let me know how much you have saved and if you have any tips to increase your saving whilst dining out with tastecard. For full details, check out the tastecard website here.


  1. I’ve always found eating as my favorite pass time when I travel to different places around the world. Now I can even save some cash too! Thanks for sharing (:

  2. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Seems like a great hack to save some money. Too bad I cant use it.

  3. Unfortunately I never get a chance to visit UK. But this is for sure that your post is going to save my money, if I planned to visit UK.

  4. Jasmine M. Reply

    Saving money when going to new places is always an important thing to be mindful of. Thank you for sharing because it will be super helpful for me when I go back to London with my family!

  5. Wow! Sounds like a great way to try new places, enjoy great food, and save some money!

  6. Marjie Mare Reply

    Everything seems amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Neil Alvin Reply

    I’ll keep this in mind. I would be traveling to UK soon. 🙂

  8. Evan Petzer Reply

    I’m planning a trip to the UK, as a traveler and food lover this is awesome!

  9. Binge on Basics Reply

    This is a great hack for the people in UK. Wish something like this was in my country to save some cash while eating

  10. Tastecard seems to be helpful in terms of saving. If I was in the UK I would have considered getting one.

  11. blair villanueva Reply

    This is a very useful app! I am also into looking for many ways to save, and enjoy every bites!

    • Always next time… it’s such a good way to save for what I find the more important things… like a beer!

      Thanks for reading!

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