Wouldn’t it be handy if every time you stayed in a hotel in a new city, there was a smartphone sitting in your hotel room with unlimited 4G/3G access and a full city guide? Well, I have just stayed at the Hotel Mi in Singapore and that’s exactly what you get! It’s called ‘The Handy’.

What is this ‘Handy’

Basically, it is a smartphone. It’s preloaded with certain apps to give you information around Singapore for tourists. It gives you quick and easy places to eat, drink, attractions to visit and also reviews other of all them places too. By using the Handy and not your own phone means you are not using any of your international data, and don’t need to get a tourist Sim in Singapore. Saving money, in what is a very expensive city! You can also hotspot on the Handy to your own smartphone to use it as a router and get ‘Wi-Fi’ on your phone.

Photo of the ‘Handy’ on charger at Hotel Mi

Here is what the Hotel Mi say about the Handy

Hotel Mi is proud to introduce complimentary handy smartphone service to all our in-house guests. With Handy, guests get to enjoy unlimited international calls to countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and more! Other features include interactive maps, GPS and unlimited 4G/3G access!

Be it within the Hotel or out of the Hotel, stay connected with your family and friends or even your business partners as Handy provides you with unlimited local and international calls as well as unlimited 4G/3G access wherever you go! If you are planning a solo trip, Handy is all you need for directions around Singapore! With its interactive maps and GPS function, you will never be afraid of getting lost in this little red dot.

Photo Credit: – Hotel Mi

What about my data after I check out the hotel?

To protect the privacy of all guests, browsing history and personal information of guests will be cleared once the guests check out of the Hotel. Piece of mind!

To book the Hotel Mi or to check prices, click here

I have no connection to either the Hotel Mi or the Handy. During my stay I was a full paying guest at the hotel, with no incentive or reward given before, during or after my visit. This is an honest review based on my visit and my opinions of a product/service.

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  1. Daddy Realness Reply

    What an interesting concept! Hopefully, more hotels globally pick up on it. Very “handy”!

  2. Glorious Heights Reply

    Wao this will be so usefulness and literally handy. I didn’t know they do that. Would defiantly stay in this hotel when visiting Singapore.

  3. At first, I find it kind of sketchy lmao (ya know, privacy and all that stuff). I’m glad they have these phones ready specially for their guest. It’s difficult not having an internet connection when traveling. I wish other hotels offer this too! Thanks for this post!

  4. Elizabeth O Reply

    Sounds like cool product especially when it is so handy.

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