UK LGBT+ Pride Dates 2020

Check out our list of UK Pride Dates and Events from around the UK. The UK knows how to hold a Pride Event and with so many around the country it’s hard to only pick a few to attend. Using the tabs below we have all the up to date information for Prides around the UK.

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Gay UK

2020 Pride Events

Welcome to PRIDE 2020. Check out our Pride list of 2020, with Pride Events around the UK. With over 150 listed, it’s going to be a busy Pride Season! Click on the Pride location to take you to that Prides website (Blue Links) or that Prides social pages (Red Links).

By clicking on the links they will take you to the Pride organisations websites, which is a 3rd party website from us.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) More and more Pride events are being cancelled. To check if your local pride event is still going ahead, click on the links for the website or social pages.

March 2020

28th March -           Trans Pride (Scotland)

April 2020

03rd till 05th April -       Trans Pride (Leeds)
11th April -                 LGBTQ+ Muslim Pride (London)
25th April -                 Hampshire Pride
25th & 26th April -          Bury Pride

May 2020

02nd May -                   Swansea Pride
11th May -                   Exeter Pride
16th May -                   Saltire / East Lothian Pride
16th May -                   Furness Pride
17th May -                   Chelthenham Picnic Pride
23rd & 24th May -            Birmingham Pride
24th May -                   Durham Pride
30th May -                   Northumberland Pride
30th May -                   Grampuian Pride
30th May -                   Oban Pride
30th May -                   Oxford Pride

June 2020

01st June -                  Deise / Waterford Pride
06th June -                  Bradford Pride
06th June -                  Blackpool Pride
06th June -                  York Pride
06th June -                  Eastleigh Pride
06th June -                  Trans Pride (Northan Ireland)
06th June -                  Hebridean Pride
13th June -                  Sunderland Pride
13th June -                  Mid Ulster Pride
13th June -                  Isle Of Man Pride
13th June -                  Canterbury Pride
13th June -                  Abingdon Pride
13th June -                  Coventry Pride
13th June -                  Cambridge Pride
13th June -                  Salisbury Pride
18th June -                  Bear Weekend (Brighton)
20th June -                  Edinburgh Pride
20th June -                  Exmouth Pride
20th June -                  Lancaster Pride
20th June -                  Swale Pride
20th June -                  Stoke Pride
20th June -                  Suffolk & Ipswich Pride
20th June -                  Portsmouth Pride
20th June -                  Crewe Pride
20th June -                  Belper Pride   
20th June -                  Salford Picnic in the Park Pride
20th June -                  Essex Pride
21st June -                  Harrogate Pride
27th June -                  Great Yarmouth Pride
27th June -                  London Pride
27th June -                  Silloth Pride
27th June -                  Colchester Pride
27th & 28th June -           Manchester Be Proud Weekender

July 2020

04th July -                  Fife Pride
04th July -                  Abergavenny Pride
04th July -                  Bournemouth Pride
04th July -                  Newbury Pride
04th July -                  Bridlington Pride
11th July -                  Batley Pride
11th July -                  Mardi Gla (Glasgow)
11th July -                  Rotherham Pride
11th July -                  Bristol Pride
11th July -                  Worthing Pride
11th July -                  Macclesfield Pride
11th July -                  Peterborough Pride
11th July -                  Southend Pride
12th July -                  Barnsley Pride
12th July -                  UK Black Pride (London)
18th July -                  Tameside Pride
18th July -                  Croydon Pride
18th July -                  Northampton Pride
18th July -                  Taunton Pride
18th July -                  Congleton Pride
18th July -                  Weston-Super-Mare Pride
18th July -                  Tipperary Pride
18th July -                  Isle of Wight Pride
18th July -                  Llanelli Pride
18th July -                  Folkstone Pride
18th July -                  Eastbourne Pride
18th July -                  Newcastle Pride
18th July -                  Nantwich Pride
18th July -                  Trans Pride (Brighton)
18th July -                  Southend Pride
19th July -                  Chesterfield Pride
19th July -                  Highland & Inverness Pride
20th July -                  Happy Valley Pride
25th July -                  Waltham Forest Pride
25th July -                  Sheffeild Pride
25th July -                  West Lothian Pride
25th July -                  Sheppey Pride
25th July -                  Oldham Pride
25th July -                  Romford Pride
25th July -                  Nottinghamshire Pride
25th July -                  Liverpool Pride
25th July -                  Hull Pride
25th July -                  Norwich Pride
25th July -                  Malvern Pride
25th July -                  Merton Pride

August 2020

01st August -                Brighton Pride
01st August -                Belfast Pride
02nd August -                Leeds Pride
08th August -                Wigan Pride
08th August -                Margate Pride
08th August -                Surrey & Woking Pride
08th August -                Swindon & Wiltshire Pride
08th August -                Chester Pride
08th August -                Ely Pride
08th August -                Plymouth Pride
08th August -                Doncaster Pride
08th August -                Yeovil Pride
09th August -                Wakefield Pride
15th August -                Banbury Pride
15th August -                Calderdale Pride
15th August -                Galway Pride
22nd August -                Southampton People Pride
22nd August -                Warwickshire Pride
22nd August -                High Wycombe Pride
22nd August -                Gravesham Pride
22nd August -                Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Pride
22nd August -                Hertfordshire Pride
22nd August -                Bognor Regis Pride
29th August -                Manchester Pride
29th August -                Cornwall Pride
29th August -                Crawley Pride
29th August -                Walsall Pride
29th August -                Southhampton Pride
29th August -                Cardiff Pride
30th August -                Hastings Pride

September 2020

05th September -                BI Pride (London)
05th September -                Derby Pride
05th September -                Didsbury Pride
05th September -                Totnes Pride
05th September -                Basildon Pride
05th September -                Haringey Pride
05th September -                Leicester Pride
05th September -                Reading Pride
12th September -                Channel Island Pride (Guernsey)
12th September -                Milton Keynes Pride
12th September -                Gloucester Pride
12th September -                Chase Pride
19th September -                Bolton Pride
19th September -                Worcestershire Pride
26th September -                Cumbria Pride

Rescheduled Events

Some of the events had to be canceled due to the Coronavirus and have been re-arranged for later dates. Please see below the new dates and links to either that Prides social pages or website.

12th December 2020 -       LGBTQ+ Muslim Pride (London)

2019 Pride Events

Check out our list of 2019 Pride Events around the UK. Click on the Pride location to take you to that Prides website (Blue Links) or social pages (Red Links), for full details about the events and Prides.

June 2019

01st June - Oxford Pride
01st June - Northumberland Pride
01st June - Bradford Pride
08th June - Blackpool Pride
08th June - Canterbury Pride
08th June - York Pride
08th June - Cambridge Pride
15th June - Essex Pride
15th June - Harrogate Pride
16th June - Stoke on Trent Pride
22nd June - Edinburgh Pride
22nd June - Portsmouth Pride
22nd June - Lancaster Pride
22nd June - Exmouth Pride
22nd June - Salford Pride
22nd June - Suffolk Pride
29th June - Colchester Pride
29th June - Crewe Pride
29th June - Great Yarmouth Pride
29th June - Silloth Prid

July 2019

06th July - London Pride
06th July - Tameside Pride
13th July - Bournemouth Pride
13th July - Bristol Pride
13th July - Croydon Pride
13th July - Worthing Pride
13th July - Worksop Pride
13th July - Limerick Pride
13th July - Rotherham Pride
14th July - Barnsley Pride
20th July - Morecombe Pride
20th July - Folkestone Pride
20th July - Hull Pride
20th July - Southend-on-Sea Pride
20th July - Newcastle Pride
20th July - Eastbourne Pride
20th July - Isle of Wright Pride
20th July - Congleton Pride
21st July - Chesterfield Pride
22nd July - Happy Valley Pride
27th July - Liverpool Pride
27th July - Oldham Pride
27th July - Norwich Pride
27th July - Nottinghamshire Pride
27th July - Weymouth & Portland Pride
28th July - Stockport Pride

August 2019

03rd August - Brighton Pride
03rd August - Belfast Pride
04th August - Leeds Pride
10th August - Plymouth Pride
10th August - Wigan Pride
10th August - Chester Pride
10th August - Swindon & Wiltshire Pride
10th August - Margate Pride
10th August - Surry Pride
10th August - Calderdale Pride
11th August - Wakefield Pride
17th August - Warwickshire Pride
17th August - Doncaster Pride
17th August - King's Lynn & West Norfolk Pride
17th August - Tunbridge Wells Pride
23rd August - Manchester Pride
23rd August - Cardiff Pride
24th August - Cornwall Pride
24th August - Foyle Pride
24th August - Banbury Pride
24th August - Southampton Pride
24th August - Walsall Pride
25th August - Swale Pride
25th August - Hastings Pride
25th August - Dorchester Pride
31st August - Hertfordshire Pride
31st August - Reading Pride
31st August - Leicester Pride
31st August - Newry Pride

September 2019

07th September - Derbyshire Pride
08th September - Channel Islands Pride
14th September - Milton Keynes Pride
14th September - Gloucestershire Pride
14th September - Basildon Pride
14th September - Keighley Pride
21st September - Bolton Pride
21st September - Worcestershire Pride
22nd September - Dundee Pride
23rd September - Sunderland Pride
28th September - Lincoln Pride
28th September - Cumbria Pride
28th September - Preston Pride


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